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Five days can help 

protect them for

a lifetime.

April 18-22 are Five Days of Action to protect kids from sexual abuse.

If you are a youth serving organization, download our activation toolkit today!

The Five Days of Action is a week designed to raise awareness and inspire adults to take action to protect children from sexual abuse.

Kids Playing

Simple Tips for Keeping Kids Safe

Keeping kids safe can be as simple as learning to

"Know. See. Respond."

Nursery School

Be the

Safe Adult

Understand what it means to be the "safe adult" and how to help identify them.

Family with Tablet

Create a Family Code of Conduct

Family rules & values can help minimize inappropriate behavior & establish healthy boundaries.

Para Español, vaya aquí.

Be the Hero

Being able to respond as an active bystander, can make you a hero for a child in need.

Online Class

Be Safe Online

The internet provides kids an opportunity to learn, explore, and socialize. But there are also dangers that come with it.

Kids Gardening

Discover More

There are more resources available to help you protect kids. Find them here. 


Talking With Children

Having age-appropriate, open conversations about our bodies, sex, and boundaries is an important step in protecting children.
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